E-PSCI 52. Geophysics of the Earth and Planets

A combined introduction to geophysics and planetary sciences. This course serves as a bridge between introductory Earth science course EPS 10 and higher level geophysics and planetary sciences courses in EPS. We will cover topics widely applicable to the physics of rocky planets, including plate tectonics, interior composition, heat flow and rheology, mantle convection, core dynamos, the gravity field and geodesy, and coupling between geophysical processes and climate. Throughout the course, we will emphasize how these concepts are expressed not only on the Earth, but also on the other terrestrial planets of the solar system, large asteroids, and satellites of the giant planets. This course will provide a strong foundation for further study in many areas of Earth and Planetary Sciences, such as geophysics, planetary sciences, tectonics, structural geology, among others. Knowledge of calculus, introductory physics, and introductory geological principles are will be expected.

Notes: Course includes two labs of approximately 3-hour duration. One lab will involve taking nighttime lunar observations. This course fulfills the EPS sub-discipline requirement of Geology, Geophysics and Planetary Science.

Recommended Prep: Applied Mathematics 21a,b (or Mathematics 1a,1b; or Mathematics 21a,b); Physics 15a,b (prior or concurrent) or Physical Sciences 12a,b; or permission of the instructor.









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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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