Earth and Planetary Sciences 152. Geophysics of the Earth and Planets

A comprehensive introduction to global geophysics. This course serves as a bridge between introductory Earth science courses (EPS 21, EPS 22) and higher level courses in EPS. Topics include: plate tectonics, the Earth's composition, thermal state and rheology, mantle convection, the geodynamo, the Earth's gravity field and geodesy, comparative planetology, and (modern and paleo) climate change.

Note: This course fulfills the EPS sub-discipline requirement of Geology, Geophysics and Planetary Science. Formerly offered as EPS 152. Students who have taken EPS 152 cannot take EPS 52 for credit.​

Prerequisite: Applied Mathematics 21a,b (or Mathematics 1a,1b; or Mathematics 21a,b); Physics 11a,b (no longer offered) or Physics 15a,b (prior or concurrent) or Physical Sciences 12a,b; or permission of the instructor.








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Earth and Planetary Sciences

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