IGA 436: Water Resources Development and Management: Technology, Economics, Institutions

This course offers a multidisciplinary exploration of the engineering, economic, and institutional principles involved in water system development and management. The course is divided into two parts:. Part I is a presentation of the fundamental science, engineering, and economics of water resource systems and how these characteristics have shaped water policy. The fundamentals are broken up into three sections: 1) Water Supply: Harnessing the Natural Systems: Basic hydrology, water resources systems; 2) Water Demand: How we use water: biophysical and economic drivers; and 3) Water Management: Balancing Supply and Demand: water law, policy, institutions & conflicts-Locally, regionally and transboundary. Part II is a comparative analysis of a series of transboundary river basins, focusing on how policy and institutions have influenced the development and management of these basins. The foundational principles of Water Supply, Demand and Management will be used as a lens to analyze the policies of each basin. The basins will be of similar hydro-climatic characteristics but will be from contrasting social, political and economic settings -- e.g. (Nile, Colorado, Amu Darya and Indus) and (Parana, Danube, Mekong and Zambezi)-in order to highlight how such settings condition effective management approaches. The course usesa combination of classic lectures, live and remote interaction with water resource policy and decision makers, group exercises and policy roundtables. Early in the semester interdisciplinary teams of 3 or 4 members will be formed to work together on simulation and gaming assignments and a final team project related to a water policy or water development issue. No prerequisites.


Kenneth Strzepek





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