Monday, February 12, 2018 - 12:00pm
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Haller Hall (102), Geo Museum, 24 Oxford St., Cambridge

EPS Colloquium

The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences hosts Oliver Jagoutz, Dept. of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, MIT, who will give a talk on "Low-Latitude Arc-Continent Collision as a Driver for Global Cooling." *Lunch will be served at 11:45am *

Host: Professor Rebecca Fischer

Speaker Bio: Jagoutz studied Chemistry and Geology at the University of Mainz. During his studies, he went as an Erasums student to ETH Zurich. After his graduation in Geology (2000) he continued as a grad student ETH Zurich doing a Ph.D. project with J.P. Burg. During his Ph.D., he had the opportunity to work for three months at the Tokyo Institute of Technology with Shige  Maruyama. After finishing his Ph.D. in Dec 2004, he took on a postdoc position with Othmar Müntener at the University of Bern; Jagoutz has been at MIT since January 2008.

Research: Fieldwork is an important aspect of my research. I usually spend around 3-4 months a year in the field and have conducted fieldwork in Greece, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Italy, Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Morocco, and the western US.

My principal research area is the origin and evolution of the Lithosphere. I address scientific questions by a multidisciplinary approach including field work, petrology, isotope geochemistry, structural geology, major & trace element geochemistry.  For fieldwork, I generally use my feet and brain but I also incorporate more “modern” methods (remote sensing techniques using hyperspectral data, GIS etc.). In detail I am interested in field studies on magmatic processes, magmatic accretion of continental crust in subduction zone, oceanic crust evolution, formation and evolution of the ocean-continent transition zone and evolution of continental crust formation mechanism though earth history 



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Summer Smith

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