Future of Energy Video: 2005-2006


Finding a secure, safe and reliable source of energy to power world economic growth will be one of the great challenges of this century. The Harvard University Center for the Environment invites the Harvard community to take up the challenge by participating in this ongoing series of discussions.

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Daniel P. Schrag, Director of the Harvard University Center for the Environment, introduces the Future of Energy Series.

Matthew Simmons
President, Simmons and Company International
Author of Twilight in the Desert: The Coming of the Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy
Public Lecture 2/8/06, Science Center Lecture Hall C
, 5 PM
View: "Is Energy's Future Sustainable?"

View slides here

Iain Conn
Group Managing Director, The BP Group
Public Lecture 3/8/06, Science Center Lecture Hall C, 5 PM
View: "Energy Trends and Technologies for the Coming Decades"

Read complete text of speech here (slides included)


John Podesta
President, the Center for American Progress
Former Chief of Staff to President William J. Clinton
Public Lecture 3/23/06, Science Center Lecture Hall A, 5 PM
View: "Fueling the Future: Clean Energy, Climate Security and Sustainable Development"

Read complete text of speech here (slides included)

Robert Socolow
Professor, Princeton University
Co-Director, The Carbon Mitigation Initiative, Princeton University
Public lecture 4/5/06, Science Center, Lecture Hall D, 5 PM
View: " Stabilization Wedges: Mitigation Tools for the Next Half-Century"

View slides here


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