Thursday, November 13, 2014 - 7:00pm
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First Parish in Cambridge Unitarian Universalist, 3 Church Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge

Boston Area Solar Energy Association Forum

"Community Shared Solar and Virtual Net Metering" with Malcolm Bliss, Regional Outreach Manager at Next Step Living, and Eric Broadbent of Harvard Solar Garden.

Community Solar provides access to solar power for those who cannot install a photovoltaic system on their rooftop. By virtual net metering, energy produced in one location can be credited to a customer in another place.

This concept, currently available to the nearly 80% of Massachusetts customers who would like to go solar, represents the opportunity to greatly expand renewable energy in our electric system.

Development of community solar is growing, but recent proposed legislation (Bill 4185) threatened to limit its use by restricting its application and benefits. With solar energy beginning to gain a visible foothold, as well as fostering job growth, should we turn away from successful policy now?

Malcolm Bliss, Regional Outreach Manager at Next Step Living, will introduce us to community solar and provide thoughts on how we can support its potential, at the November Boston Area Solar Energy Association Forum.

* UPDATE: Eric Broadbent will join the Forum to show off the first "solar garden" in Massachusetts, "Harvard Solar Garden". His presentation will tell the story of what it was like to be a pioneer for this concept, and how they decided to start a second community solar porject, due to go on line by the end of the year.

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