Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 8:00pm
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Geo Lecture Hall (100), Geo Museum, 24 Oxford St., Cambridge

2016 David M. Lee Historical Lecture in Physics

Richard A. Muller, University of California, Berkeley and the Founder of, will present "One Catastrophe After Another: The big bang, death of the dinosaurs, ice ages, global warming, and beyond.”

Richard Muller was founded the groups at Berkeley that discovered the anisotropy of the cosmic microwave radiation, and the dark energy. He was also a founder of adaptive optics, and made the first real-time image correction of a star.  He invented Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, now the standard method used for radiocarbon dating. For 34 years he was a Jason advisor to the US government on national security issues, with an emphasis on counter-terrorism. He spent a decade studying the astronomical origin of the ice ages, and that led to his key work in Global Warming; he and his daughter founded the non-profit research organization Berkeley Earth, and directly addressed all of the major complaints of the skeptics. That has now led to an ongoing study of air pollution; their recent paper showed that 4400 people in China alone die every day from air pollution. 

Muller has received numerous awards, including the MacArthur Prize, the Texas Instruments Founders Prize, the National Science Foundation Waterman Award, a citation from Foreign Policy Magazine as a “global thinker” and one from Poder Business Magazine as a “courageous thinker”, and a “Breakthrough Award” for his role in the discovery of Dark Energy.  He was awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award at Berkeley, and his course “Physics for Future Presidents” was voted “Best Class on the Berkeley Campus” the last two times he taught it. He was also given a citation by the Berkeley Students as a “hero” for helping students “beyond the call of duty.”

He has written many Op-Eds in the New York Times, the Wall St. Journal, essays for MIT’s Technology Review, and10 books, including the best-selling “Physics for Future Presidents”.  He is currently the most popular question answerer on the online feature, with over 50 million views. His new book “Now–The Physics of Time” is about to come out and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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