Saturday, September 24, 2016 (All day)
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Wasserstein Hall 2012, HLS, 1585 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Environmental Sustainability Development Strategy: A Necessity, Not an Option

The 3rd Annual International Conference on “Sustainable Models for the Bangladesh Apparel Industry." The day-long event is being organized by the International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI) ) in association with the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School as well as with South Asian researchers and academics based in Boston.

The conference provides a forum for an active discussion on the state of the Bangladesh garment sector. At this year’s conference, we will focus on exploring ways to build a sustainable model for the Apparel Industry that is competitive while benefitting workers and stakeholders. The apparel manufacturing industry and distribution channels have seen dramatic changes in recent years. Exploring new market trends and consumer preferences, the conference participants will discuss strategic approaches for major transformations of the industry. In order for Bangladesh to compete in the global market, it is necessary to be cost-efficient while achieving compliance with heightened standards for worker health and safety.

The discussions will focus on the following topics: 1) international trade policies including the TPP and GSP; 2) progress on workers’ conditions, workplace safety, and fair price models that provide resources for upgrades; and 3) stakeholders’ collaboration for environmental sustainability and workplace standards in the context of Bangladesh’s garment and apparel industry. Expert recommendations will be made to help take collaboration among the stakeholders to the next level. There will be efforts at devising strategic action that can overcome the existing challenges and realize Bangladesh’s potential for economic development.


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Environmental Sustainability Development Strategy: A Necessity, Not an Option | Harvard University Center for the Environment


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