Monday, February 27, 2017 - 12:00pm
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Haller Hall (102), Geological Museum, 24 Oxford St., Cambridge

EPS Colloquium

"Volatile Cycling and Environmental Change on Early Mars" with Bethany L. Ehlmann (California Institute of Technology).

Abstract: The last decade of orbiter-, lander-, and rover-based investigations of Mars has led to the discovery of thousands of deposits with minerals formed by interaction with water. Hydrothermal, diagenetic, weathering, and lacustrine environments all existed, varying in time and space. Here, I will review these findings briefly, and then discuss ongoing research on the implications of mineral formation on volatile cycling, using recent constraints from isotopic data acquired by the SAM mission on MSL. Particular focus will be on carbon with some additional discussion of hydrogen, time permitting.

Bio: Bethany Ehlmann is an assistant professor of planetary sciences at Caltech and research scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Her research focuses on the composition of planetary surfaces, tracing evidence of water-related processes throughout the solar system, remote sensing techniques and instruments, and unraveling Mars' environmental evolution. She was a student science collaborator on the Mars Exploration Rovers (Spirit and Opportunity), is co-investigator on the CRISM imaging spectrometer on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, is a Participating Scientist on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover, is an affiliate of the Dawn team for its investigation of Ceres, and is part of the science team of the upcoming Mars 2020 rover. ​

Lunch is provided and will be served at 11:45am.


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