Friday, September 29, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Pierce 100F, 29 Oxford St., Cambridge

Atmospheric & Environmental Chemistry Seminar

Discussion by David Ridley on “Exploring the Drivers and Effects of Multi-Decadal Changes in Aerosol.”

Aerosol exerts a strong influence on both human health and the radiative balance of the Earth. Understanding what has driven changes in aerosol in the past is, therefore, critical for determining how human health and climate will be affected in the future. Through a synergy of global model simulations with in-situ and satellite observations we have explored multi-decadal changes in aerosol for three different scenarios: (1) the unexpected decline in organic aerosol across the U.S., (2) the decline in long-range transport of mineral dust from Africa across the Atlantic, and (3) the contribution of volcanic sulfate to stratospheric aerosol since the Pinatubo eruption. In this presentation, Dr. Ridley will discuss the findings from each of those case studies and the ongoing work to improve the simulation of aerosol in the GEOS-Chem model.

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Colin Pike-Thackray

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Colin Pike-Thackray

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Harvard University
Center for the Environment

Address: 26 Oxford Street, 4th Floor, Cambridge
Phone: (617) 495-0368

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Atmospheric & Environmental Chemistry Seminar | Harvard University Center for the Environment


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