Friday, December 1, 2017 - 11:30am
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Haller Hall (102), Geo Museum, 26 Oxford St., Cambridge

Paleobiology Seminar

The Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology and the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences present "What Were the Ediacaran Biota? Growth, Morphology and Phylogeny" by Jennifer Hoyal Cuthill, EON Research Fellow, Tokyo Institute of Technology and University of Cambridge.

Discoveries of Precambrian macro-fossils (over 541 million years old) stand among the most remarkable achievements in twentieth century palaeontology. However, the ‘Ediacaran biota’ have proved difficult to relate to living groups, due to their unusual morphology and strange modes of fossilisation. This talk will give an overview of the enigmatic biota from the Ediacaran period and describe recent quantitative analyses of their growth, functional morphology and phylogeny. These new models reveal close links between Ediacaran macro-fossils and the more familiar animals and ecology of the Cambrian period.

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Sabinna Cappo

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