Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 12:00pm
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HUCE Seminar Room 440, 26 Oxford St., Cambridge

CANCELED: Solar Geoengineering Seminar

"The Peculiar Ethics of Solar Geoengineering" with Stephen M. Gardner, Professor of Philosophy and Ben Rabinowitz Endowed Professor of the Human Dimensions of the Environment, University of Washington, Seattle.

There is widespread agreement that ethical concerns are central to decision-making about, and governance of, geoengineering. This is especially true of the most prominent and paradigm example of climate engineering, the spraying of sulfate particles into the stratosphere in order to block incoming sunlight and so limit global warming (hereafter, ‘stratospheric sulfate injection’ (SSI). Geoengineering ethics, like geoengineering science, is still in its early, exploratory days. This talk offers an introductory overview of the emerging discussion and some of the challenges moving forward, taking SSI as its key example. It identifies a range of values relevant to geoengineering, exposes some misleading early framings, argues that questions of justification and context are both important, and summarizes my recent Tollgate principles for geoengineering governance.

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Selena Wallace

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